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Iberdrola Generación awarded a contract to the MSF and Ferrovial Agroman consortium for the construction of Daivões Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station, of an approximate value of 92 million euros, to be executed during 56,5 months.
Daivões Dam is included on Alto Tamega’s Hydroelectric Complex,  which comprises Gouvães, Alto Tâmega and Daivões undertakings, working together. It comprises the construction of a concrete dam, of the arch type wall, with 77,5 meters high and 264,45 meters long, as well as the execution of: half buried hydroelectric plant, equipped with two Frances 110m3/s turbines, totaling 118 MW of installed total power; hydraulic circuit, formed by two tunnel ducts with 214m and 291m; two reinforced concrete water intakes and a restitution; deviation tunnel with 388 meters; stilling pool and two cofferdams, one upstream and the other downstream.