Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development:Sustainability supported through materials, technology and performance excellence


Construction sustainability depends on a range of different factors, including particular emphasis on the types of adopted technology, the materials used and overall energy efficiency.


The MSF Group's activities are carried out with sustainability and environmental issues in mind. Examples of this include the adoption of environmental responsibility policies, MSF Engenharia's environmental certification and the construction of Natura Towers.


Natura Towers is a unique type of office complex located in Portugal, incorporating innovative technology based on ecological and self-sustainable solutions at energy efficiency level.


The complex has balance between the formal and functional use of technological and contemporary construction materials, affording highly flexible and operational use on the part of all workers and inhabitants, while attempting to minimise the ecological footprint.


Innovation, technology and biodiversity are the key components of this project; an excellent example of an environmental responsibility programme successfully adopted by the MSF Group.


Covered by a layer of vegetation that changes in appearance throughout the year, Natura Towers affords its occupants significant energy savings, including the ability to harness solar energy for efficient lighting in common areas and the heating of water, in addition to capturing and storing rainwater for later use.


Natura Towers is a project of unique characteristics in Portugal; the building essentially behaving like a plant by collecting rainwater from the roof for storage, while soaking up sunlight to be transformed into energy while  producing oxygen through vast green areas.


The MSF Group plans to continue its research and financial investment into new solutions and future projects, with the intention of remaining a prime example of good environmental practices.