Protection of the Environment

Protection of environmental heritage


The MSF Group is aware of the magnitude of its activities and the respective consequences of these actions in all areas in which it operates, adopting a preventive and mitigating attitude in relation to any potential environmental impacts.


The combined effects of mitigation awareness, coupled with practical environmental prevention activities, results in consistently successful outcomes in relation to the environment.

Examples of this attitude are activities for protecting architectural, archaeological and natural heritage, closely linked to excellent socio-economic and cultural relationships within the temporarily occupied communities, respecting the landscape and developing strategies for integrating equipment and facilities into the surroundings, monitoring and controlling all emissions and residues, protecting all species of flora and fauna, including full compliance with all national and international legal requirements in relation to environmental duties and responsibilities.


Certification of the company's Environmental Management System, integrated into the Quality and Safety sectors was fully acknowledged in 2007, with employee attitudes then becoming focused on defending local working environments and protecting surroundings as a whole.


The MSF Group is fully committed to making the Environment its full priority, not forgetting to target constant and future improvements.